St. ELLI LODGE No.3942

Some Well Known Names from all walks of life who were Freemasons


Salvador Allende

President of Chile from 1970, overthrown and killed in 1973. Had been a Mason since 1935.

Sir Edward Appleton

English physicist whose work led to the discovery of the Ionosphere. Won the Nobel Prize in 1947.

Louis Armstrong

American jazz musician.

Thomas Augustine Arne

English composer, best known for Rule Britannia and for his setting of the British National Anthem.

Elias Ashmole

English antiquarian. Donated his remarkable collection to Oxford University in 1677 to found the Ashmolean Museum. Made a Mason in 1646.

Mustapha Kemal Ataturk

President and 'Father' of modern Turkey.

Gebhardt Lebrecht Blucher

Prussian Field Marshal, drove Napoleon out of Prussia, crossed the Rhine and entered Paris. Came to the aid of fellow Mason the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo.

Simon Bolivar

Led the twenty year struggle to liberate South America from Spanish rule. Became a Mason in Cadiz, Spain, and in 1807 entered the Scottish Rite and the Knights Templars in Paris. In 1824 he founded the Lodge Order and Liberty No. 2, in Peru.

James Boswell

Scottish writer whose biography of Dr Johnson is one of the great classics of English literature.

Joseph Brant

Chief of the Mohawks, the first Native American to enter the Craft, he was initiated in 1776.

Henry Peter Brougham

Scottish statesman and reformer. Worked for the abolition of slavery, and by his famous speech ensured the passage of the Reform Bill in 1831.

Robert Burns

Scottish poet and enthusiastic Mason.

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Land speed record holder.


Italian adventurer.

Marc Chagall

Russian artist who spent most of his working life in Paris.

Sir Winston Churchill

Wartime leader and statesman.

'Buffalo Bill' Cody

American frontiersman and showman.

Nat 'King' Cole

American singer and pianist.

David Crockett

American frontiersman and folk hero.

Jim Davidson

British entertainer, presents 'Big Break' and 'Generation Game', founder of the British Forces Foundation, set up to provide entertainment to British Forces worldwide.

Cecil B De Mille

American film pioneer. Many of the early studio bosses, and their stars, were Masons.

'Jack' Dempsey

American heavyweight boxing champion - world champion for seven years from 1919.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

English novelist and creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Jean Henri Dunant

Swiss humanist, founder of the Red Cross.

'Duke' Ellington

American jazz musician.

W C Fields

American comedian.

Sir Alexander Fleming

Scottish bacteriologist, discovered penicillin.

Henry Ford

American motor pioneer. Founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Benjamin Franklin

American statesman, scientist and philosopher.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Italian patriot and hero.

Richard Gatling

American inventor of the Gatling Gun.

Sir William S Gilbert

English poet and playwright, worked with fellow Mason Sir Arthur Sullivan.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German poet and greatest figure in all German literature.

Joseph Guillotin

French physician, invented the Guillotine.

Earl Haig

English soldier.

Prince Hall

The first black American Freemason. Initiated in an Irish military lodge in 1775.

Oliver Hardy

American comedian, best known as half of Laurel and Hardy.

Franz Joseph Haydn

Austrian composer.

Josiah Henson

American Methodist minister, his escape from slavery in Kentucky and his journey to Canada inspired the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Charles Hilton

American hotelier, founder of the Hilton chain.

William Hogarth

English painter and engraver.

J Edgar Hoover

American law enforcement officer. Head of the FBI for almost 50 years.

Harry Houdini

American conjurer and escapologist.

Edward Jenner

English physician whose discovery of the principle of vaccination led ultimately to the complete eradication of smallpox.

Kings of England & Scotland

Edward VII
Edward VIII
George VI

Rudyard Kipling

English writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907.

Lord Kitchener

English soldier. As Secretary of State for War during World War One, his face became famous to generations through the "Your Country Needs You" poster.

William Hesketh Lever

English industrialist and philanthropist.

Charles Lindbergh

American aviator, made first non-stop flight across the Atlantic in 1927.

Franz von Liszt

Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist.

John Macadam

Scottish engineer. Developed the macadamising process for making roads waterproof. Think of Freemasonry every time you drive along a stretch of tarmac!

Jacques Etienne Montgolfier

French inventor, with his brother developed the hot-air balloon.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Austrian composer.

Alexander Pope

English poet and satirist.

Presidents of the USA:

George Washington
James Monroe
Andrew Jackson
James Polk
James Buchanan
Andrew Johnson
James Garfield
William McKinley
Theodore Roosevelt
William H Taft
Warren G Harding
Franklin D Roosevelt
Harry S Truman
Lyndon B Johnson
Gerald Ford

Aleksander Pushkin

Russian poet. His greatest works, Evgene Onegin and Boris Godunov, have been widely translated and also presented as both opera and ballet.

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

English colonist. Founder of Singapore and, on his return to London, of the Zoological Society.

Paul Revere

American revolutionary war patriot.

Edward Rickenbacker

American aviator and much decorated air ace in both World Wars.

the Ringling Brothers

Famous circus family - all seven brothers and their father were Masons.

'Sugar Ray' Robinson

American boxer.

Roy Rogers

American cowboy and screen star.

Nathan Rothschild

Anglo-German financier. He established the London branch of the famous bank founded by his father, his brother, also a Mason, established the Paris branch.

Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle

French composer. Most famous work is now known as La Marseillaise. Interesting to note that Arne, who composed Rule Britannia, and John Philip Sousa, the famous American composer of patriotic music were all Masons.

Antoine Joseph Sax

Belgian instrument maker, inventor of the Saxhorn and Saxophone.

Robert Falcon Scott

English polar explorer, perished in Antarctica.

Sir Walter Scott

Scottish novelist and poet.

Peter Sellers

English comic actor.

Sir Earnest Shackleton

English polar explorer.

Jan Sibelius

Finish composer. Prolific composer of Masonic music.

John Philip Sousa

American composer and bandmaster. His marching tunes became world famous and he exerted an enormous influence on martial music.

Charles S Stratton

American midget, toured with P T Barnum as 'General Tom Thumb'.

Sir Arthur Sullivan

English composer. Worked with fellow Mason W S Gilbert, but also composed much well known church music, such as Onward Christian Soldiers.

Jonathan Swift

Irish poet, satirist, and Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin. Best known for Gulliver's Travels.

Alfred von Tirpitz

German naval officer and creator of the modern German navy prior to World War One.

William Travis

American commander of the Alamo. Many frontiersmen, such as Davy Crockett and Kit Carson, were Masons, as was Stephen Austin the 'Father of Texas'.

Anthony Trollope

English novelist.

Swami Nerendramah Datta Vivekananda

Indian ascetic who became the leading exponent of both Hinduism and Yoga in the west.


French writer and philosopher. On 7 April 1778, two months before his death, Voltaire was escorted by Benjamin Franklin into Lodge Les Neuf Soeurs in Paris, and was initiated into the Craft.

Booker T Washington

American educator and author, highly influential both through his works on the American black and as a promoter of racial harmony.

John Wayne

American film star.

the Duke of Wellington

Anglo-Irish soldier, statesman.

Oscar Wilde

Anglo-Irish wit and dramatist.

This information is taken in heavily abridged form from the book "Freemasonry: A Celebration of the Craft." Editors: John Hamill and Robert Gilbert. Publisher: Greenwich Editions. ISBN 0-86288-210-9.


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